Friday, March 28, 2014

What Comes Before & What comes After

What Comes Before & What Comes After 

In thinking about the math courses, I wanted to ask each of you to consider thinking about one concept such as multiplication or fractions.  Begin to think about how that concept appears at various levels of instruction.  What would be the earliest exposure a student might have?  What vocabulary is essential for the child to comprehend the concept?  How could a child experience the concept, practice the concept and demonstrate proficiency at an early level?
Then, I would like you to jump ahead several levels and years.  How is this concept applied at higher levels of math?  How does the early vocabulary continue to be important in concept formation and application?  How does one expand this concept to extremely abstract levels?

As a primary grade teacher, we need to understand how what we do at basic levels forms the foundation of what is to come.  As a secondary teacher, we need to understand the basic concept instruction and vocabulary so that we may go back to fill in gaps for those who need remedial instruction.

You might also choose a concept such as division or multiplication.  Try to spend a few moments considering the various levels and applications

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