Monday, August 17, 2009

Here Comes the Very Fun Math Lady

The ASDEC Summer Program is an intense month long experience for students. There are usually three programs serving students of all ages. The program for elementary students is the subject of this entry.

In this program students receive one-on-one multisensory language therapy every single day. It is diagnostic and prescriptive. The academic therapists make every effort to provide the most positive experience these children can have, but it is still language reading, writing and spelling work. Students also receive training in mathematics, oral language and keyboarding. Most students do not relish spending half a day during the summer in an academic camp, but by the end of the program students at ASDEC often say it was one of the best experiences they have had.

Math training for younger students focuses on numeracy, place value and the concepts underlying basic operations. Students use manipulatives everyday because many of those who come display typical deficits in math. Even though some of the participants are gifted in math, they may not demonstrate this giftedness due to processing and procedural difficulties. Instruction is both classroom and individual. It is diagnostic and prescriptive. The individual academic therapists work with the math instructor to see that the program is individualized to maximize the student's potential and address individual needs.

Our initial session began with an assessment which was followed by work with manipulatives and numeracy games. On the second day I entered the building to retrieve my teaching materials and cart so that I could return to begin class. As I moved toward the elevator I heard one child say, "There goes the very fun math lady." I knew it was going to be a good summer, and it was.

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